United by traffic: How Miovision helps the world drive easier

Jackie Gill - November 6, 2019 Miovision helps traffic problems at home and around the globe

Roughly 12.6 million Canadians drive to work every day. The length of that commute depends on where you live, where you work and how you get there – but for most of us, it takes 24 minutes to travel 8.7 km. Do the math and that’s just under 22 km/h. And if you live or work in Toronto, Montréal, Vancouver, you can expect that time to more than double.

The same is true – and often worse – in cities around the world. In the U.S., drivers lose about 97 hours each year stuck in congestion. In the U.K., it’s more like 178 hours. And the cost of that time (and fuel) adds up.

How can we make our commutes healthier, shorter and cheaper? Miovision‘s coming up with answers to make cities smarter and commuting less of a hassle around the world.

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