Your startup’s content marketing needs to start now (and start early)

Adriano Silva - November 25, 2020 Your startup's content marketing should start now with a digital marketing strategy that puts your storytelling to work. Draft Inc calls it StorySelling.

A startup always enters the market with a new solution.

With an innovation that needs to be well explained and well understood.

But what good can the new company do if nobody knows about those innovations? How much change can it create in silence?

Startups urgently need to present their differentiators and their value propositions to the market. It’s a matter of survival.

And there’s no greater need for communication than at this phase of the company’s life, when it needs to make itself known and present its product… even if doing so generally happens at a time when it has fewer resources to invest in communication.

Storytelling to accelerate business results

The investment in Storytelling – content produced with Brand Journalism, with the aim of building brand reputation – may perhaps wait until the company generates its first sales and wins its first recurring customers.

But it’s precisely at this crucial moment of searching for customers, and focusing on sales and revenue generation, that StorySelling – content generated with Copywriting techniques, with the aim of generating business results – is most necessary.

The focus of a startup, or any company entering a new market, is to generate leads, get contracts, accelerate sales. And that is exactly why having a good Digital Marketing and Inbound Marketing strategy makes all the difference.

Where to start?

Here are some actions that are often decisive for startups, based on our experience in building communications for companies breaking into a new market:

Create a killer digital presence

Your website can be simple (in fact, it should be simple) – but it must be well planned and well executed.

Your brand doesn’t need to be present on all social media platforms – but it does have to be inspiring and outstanding in those channels you choose to invest in.

Your brand’s digital touchpoints work as virtual business cards for your company. What kind of message are they sending?

Make content dynamic – and sexy

Your content cannot just be institutional and static – you need to produce dynamic content.

Your content invites people to a brand conversation. What conversation are you going to propose?

The relationship with your brand stakeholders is an always-on dialogue, mediated by content. How does your brand respond to the people who speak to it?

Share your brand manifesto

Imagine if you could share a powerful, inspiring and epic video that lays bare for everyone, in an authentic and incisive way, who you are and what your value proposition is?

Few things are more powerful in generating curiosity and admiration than a well-made video statement.

What is your “why”? What is your purpose? What are your values? What do you believe in? What world do you want to build with your work?

Every good company needs a good pitch. And a Brand Manifesto captures the essence of your company – the heart of your business – and presents it in the strongest, most attractive way possible.

Every business starts with a good, well-told story. What’s yours?

Unveil who your company is

Companies are abstractions; people are real.

So present the people behind your company.

Humanize, individualize your brand. Who are the human beings that make up your business?

Showcase the talents that drive your organization. Who are the founders? What have they done in their careers? Who are the main executives and employees?

Inspire others and build a following with their passion. Where are they coming from? What are they experts at? Why do they care?

Set your brand apart from the rest

Don’t focus on where you meet expectations. Everyone’s already doing that – or trying to. Focus on where you’re different. Where you offer surprise. Where you spark delight. Where you disrupt the norm.

How are you different from everyone else? What makes you unique?

What difference do you really make, more than your competitors, in your client’s life?

Do people understand what you do? (If they don’t, it’s not their problem – it’s yours. If they didn’t understand why they should be working with you, it means you didn’t explain it properly to them.)

Does it work?

For our client T, a cybersecurity startup, we produced a package of six such stories to launch the company and present its services.

On social networks, we reached 112,000 people.

Of those prospects, 11,000 leads came to the company’s website, staying on average 3 minutes in each story.

And we got 2,000 reactions to the content. An 18% engagement rate.

Content as sales material

In addition to these results, the company started to equip its sales team with videos instead of brochures, and infographics instead of pamphlets.

(Infographics are great for presenting features, tallying numbers, showing how anything works, and condensing what you do visually, succinctly and powerfully.)

That proved to be much cheaper, more efficient and contemporary: sending a link to a customer instead of physical material.

And it allowed them to show their own content, well-executed and exciting, in meetings, instead of a cold and static website.

We did it for T. We can do it for you, too.

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