Inbound Marketing: how to produce content to boost your sales funnel

Adriano Silva - December 9, 2020 Inbound marketing is about attracting customers to your brand. Storytelling that puts your customers' interests at the centre helps them find you instead of your competitors.

Your customers are currently looking for solutions to problems that you could solve.

They’re researching topics in which you’re the expert.

The question is, will they find you? Or will they find your competitor?

In order for your customers to find you, you need to publish good content about your company.

Relevant narratives, well-told stories, with efficient SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

Content in different formats, that’s well-thought-out, well-sold, well-distributed with a good boosting strategy.

Without it, your digital presence is invisible. You disappear into the whirlwind of information.

When the economy is doing badly, your clients have urgent needs.

The same is true when the economy is doing well, too. (Only those needs are different.)

But there is always someone in need of the services you provide.

In other words: there is always someone looking for a company like yours.

The secret is to allow that sales prospect to find you before they meet your competitors.

And when they find you, you need to hook them, charm them, sway them with the right stories, told in the right way.

But a good Content Marketing strategy is more than producing good content; it is about getting your messages to the right people, at the right frequency.

You need to execute a very precise Inbound Marketing plan. One that uses all the Digital Marketing tools at your disposal.

Why? Inbound Marketing is basically the strategy of using branded content –  Storytelling – to capture the attention and interest of potential customers.

While Outbound Marketing is about reaching out to the customer, Inbound Marketing is about bringing the customer to you. And it’s best done through a well-told story that draws attention and arouses curiosity.

While Outbound Marketing is led by a salesperson motivated to meet their quota, Inbound Marketing is centered on the priorities of the buyer, and delivers on their terms.

In short, think of Inbound Marketing as the strategy of reducing friction in the sales process as much as possible – by placing the customer’s interests at the center of the conversation, from the beginning to the end of your interactions with them.

At Draft Inc., we like to enhance Inbound Marketing with a kind of content that goes beyond Storytelling and Brand Journalism – one that favors StorySelling and Copywriting.

It’s another way of breaking down the text and building the content. Great copywriters write backward from the elements they have on their desks to sew in the conversation with the target.

So, we write specifically to impact the audience by…

  • sewing arguments
  • reinforcing triggers
  • offering calls to action
  • removing obstacles
  • dispelling objections

StorySelling is one of the most powerful sales tools a company can use to generate leads, convert prospects into customers and close deals.

Here at Draft Inc., in our Inbound Marketing projects, we’ve designed three levels of content to attract prospects and nurture leads in our client’s sales funnel:

Attractive promises
A conversation about your arsenal of solutions.
Focus: your differentials.
Approach: emotional, sexy.
Mission: to hook your customer’s attention and make them feel attracted to your company.

Accurate arguments
A conversation about your client’s pains.
Focus: the customer’s problems that you know how to solve like nobody else.
Approach: rational, logical.
Mission: to convince the customer, to gain their trust.

Irresistible offers
The business conversation.
Focus: the financial and economic advantages you bring to the table.
Approach: commercial, assertive.
Mission: to convert a client that is mature to close the deal with you.

Recently, at Draft Inc., we helped “Brand B” attract qualified leads – selecting the right startups for its open innovation program – through an Inbound Marketing project.

We had a number to beat. And we exceeded the goal by almost 30%.

With a complete cycle of Inbound Marketing, we’ve reached almost 2,400 qualified startups.

Of these, we’ve engaged 295 startups to the program.

After the selection process, the client had 164 startups chosen for the program.

This result represented an increase of 27% over the average of registrations obtained in previous editions of the program.

Do you want to know how to make your company visible to your prospects by building and distributing your brand stories correctly?

Do you want to know more about this and other cases of Inbound Marketing and StorySelling?

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