The economy is changing. So are the stories around it.

Draft Canada is an editorial platform dedicated to covering the expansion of disruptive innovation all around us. We are a publisher for entrepreneurs and rebel innovators, serving them with the content, storytelling, strategy and support they need to make their voices heard.

We offer an editorial reference and a meeting point for this community and for this new ecosystem. We will give the makers of today and tomorrow the tools they need to rise and to innovate, by increasing their repertoire of ideas and solutions.

We tell stories about the people who are changing the way we live.

Draft Canada started with a simple but important mission: to follow the game changers, to study them, understand them, question them, learn from them, chronicle their stories and amplify their voices.

The makers who create new things – and new opportunities.

The transformers who dream of a better world and work for a cause.

The visionaries who reinvent the future by generating more and better solutions at home and across the world.

The intrapreneurs who drive booming growth in corporate innovation.

The hackers who embody the entrepreneurial spirit to make disruptive change in their own lives and careers.

We dive deep into their successes, mistakes, milestones and mishaps, big or small… because we learn from it all. We will inspire more people to invent and reinvent themselves.

We learn every day from those who break through and take the first step. And we have learned from the makers that it’s not possible to do it alone. We are part of a network. So it’s fundamental to connect, exchange and share. It makes us stronger, smarter and more creative – and lets us accomplish even more.

We are the voice of the new economy.

Never before have so many entrepreneurs embarked on the journey of changing the world.

Never before have we been so empowered to break away from the comfort zone of established models and the old (and falsely safe) ways of doing things.

Never before have there been so many good ideas ready to turn into revolutionary, profitable, impactful and sustainable businesses, with this kind of capital to support them.

No longer are our best people attracted to large corporations, in the comfort zone of a traditional job. Today, they want to create something great and relevant out of their lives, and to change everything around them for the better. Our top-tier talent doesn’t enter the market to follow rules – but instead, to reinvent, test, break and improve the rules.

The opportunities that matter are those that speak to the essence of entrepreneurship and offer the certainty that, yes, this is exactly what these movers and shakers should be doing with their lives right now.

It’s not a market segment. It’s not a trend. It’s here to stay.

It’s never too soon (or too late) to get started.

So start today, by doing whatever is possible. And then learn, adjust and redo. That’s how we build. That’s how we move forward.

Draft Canada.

This is our home.

This is our time.